Anya Helene Bagge


Using the ZX81 for Conference Presentations

The organizers of the wonderful NOOL 2017 workshop (“The -2th Workshop on New Object-Oriented Languages (NOOL) 2017”) had the incredible foresight (or, perhaps, hindsight…) to publish a ZX81 Call for Papers, which immediately made me think that:

Point a) resulted in the design (and, hopefully, eventual implementation) of the Algool programming language, since I obviously didn’t already have a new object oriented language to write about. (Turns out nobody else did either, but I didn’t really know that in advance.)

And point b) resulted in me finally spending some time with the ZX81 I’d bought off Ebay a few years ago, and create the software I needed for the presentation + hacking it to run off a USB powerbank. (It may also have resulted in me being asked to organize the workshop next year.)

Other ZX81 Resources

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